Through the Forward Food initiative, foodservice professionals, chefs, dietitians, doctors, public health leaders, environmental organizations, and millions of individuals are helping grow a healthier, more sustainable food system.

We’re preventing cancer, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. We’re tackling obesity. We’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving our water. We’re transforming our colleges, universities, hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, military bases, and more.

Some have started with programs like Meatless Monday. The goal many are now setting? Over two years, reduce meat purchases by 20 percent through a greater emphasis on healthier plant-based foods. Together, we can help bring food forward.


“Based on information gathered from Aramark’s proprietary customer feedback platform and dining surveys, the number of students interested in vegan options has continued to steadily increase over the past several years.”

Scott Zahren
Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Development, Aramark

“Meat production is one of humanity’s most destructive and least efficient systems, accounting for astounding levels of wildlife losses, land and water pollution, deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.”

Jennifer Molidor
Senior Food Campaigner, Center for Biological Diversity

“Cooks participating in the culinary training came away with new ideas & skills, in addition to heightened sense of confidence & pride. The training engaged and focused the culinary staff…and they enjoyed themselves! I would certainly recommend the program to other professionals.”

Christopher Manfredi
General Manager, Board Plan Operations, Connecticut College

“This conference was such great motivation for adding more plant-based foods and proteins into our food service locations. It showed us different ways to serve plant-based foods, gave us creative ideas of plant-based proteins to use, and really opened our eyes about the health benefits of plant-based foods, as well as their impact on the environment. It was so interesting to see how different food service organizations are implementing plant-based foods within their cafes, and it really makes us want to jump on that bandwagon and keep it growing to bigger and better possibilities and opportunities.”

Jessica Braboy
Nutritionist, Arizona State University

“I just wanted to say that I attended the Food Forward presentation at UC Berkeley on Friday and it was so useful and informative. Thank you for such a well thought out event. I am beyond excited to bring what I learned the other day to our school district and move forward with promoting plant based meals because as Christine Seitz said, “It’s the right thing to do.””

Janell Jayes
Child Nutrition Area Supervisor, San Ramon Valley Unified School District

“HSUS and the Food Forward movement is exactly what we need as nutrition and health professionals and really for anyone that eats food! In a time where our ecological footprint is larger than ever and our health as a nation has taken a nosedive, the HSUS message is timely, relevant, and necessary.”

Dynyce Boyce
RD, LDN, Aventura Hospital and Medical Center

“The Humane Society’s passion about their “plant strong” movement is evident by the amount of knowledge they strive to share, and the footwork they’ve established to help the community adapt to this movement as well. Their Food Forward event brought together nutrition and food professionals from across Arizona to educate and encourage the community in an inevitable transition to a more plant based diet.”

Paula Cole
Nutritionist, Aramark- ASU

“Amazing, fantastic, free event that provided information, tools, resources, and lots of delicious food. More importantly, Food Forward allowed me to make lasting connections within the community and throughout the nation.”

Anna Keefe
Clinical Dietician, Canyon Vista Medical Center

“I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Food Forward luncheon. Everything was delicious and I learned a lot from the speakers. I would like to pursue the prospect of getting the chef to come to my kitchen to help us create new meatless menus”.

Janet Bowser
Aurora Behavioral Health Care

“Attending this symposium helped me to consider options I had not thought about before. I was particularly interested to see the healthy changes ASU, the Arizona State government, and several hospitals have made in their meal options with support of the HSUS. I now have new resources for healthier meal options that could reduce patients’ risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Thank you for inviting me to this eye-opening event.”

Jen Drost, Physicians Assistant & Erika D. Driver-Dunckley, M.D

“Food Forward is an important initiative for shifting the public perception toward a healthful and Earth-friendly diet.”

Malory Foster
Farm to School Liaison, Sarasota County Schools

“M-DCPS, Department of Food and Nutrition has been privileged to partner with HSUS to created and expand our Lean & Green initiative for our students.”

Audra Wright
Nutrition Wellness Coordinator, M-DCPS, Dept. of Food and Nutrition

“Thank you for a wonderful time as well as giving me some great, and very usable, ideas for my menuing for next semester. I know that the students, staff and our associates will enjoy the recipes and changes to the menus.”


Adam Gould
Executive Chef, Lincoln Memorial University