Forward Food events are free to attend and host, and bring together food service professionals, industry leaders and others to meet in a peer-to-peer environment, gaining insights into the latest trends in both implementing and marketing plant-based food programs.

Learn from a range of experts on how to sell the concept to administrators and students, how to pitch it to the media to garner your institution the positive attention it deserves (if you’re so inclined), and how to use social media to drive the message in a way that will resonate with a wide audience.

Enjoy delicious food during our plant-based food cooking demonstration. And network with individuals seasoned in the art of setting and reaching goals to bring healthier menus to their guests.

For information on events near you – or if you’re interested in hosting one – please contact us!

Photo Credit / Mark Makela

My mind was opened to the great marketing opportunities this organization provides. Marketing is something I do not have time for working in a public school district with all the bureaucracy. This reminds me of the “collective impact” movement. I was inspired to partner with one of my community partners, our City’s hospital organization, to do Meatless Mondays together – which will also help us market the City’s HEAL (Healthy Eating, Active Living) resolution.

– Kathy Bertelsen
Child Nutrition Manger
Lompoc Unified School District.